TV Appearances


BBC Television, 4 December 1960 19.30


 EditIntroduced by David Nixon.
Written by David Climie, David Whitaker and David Nixon.
Starring this week: Dick Bentley, Trude Adams, The Laurie Sisters, The Toneleys, Dorothy Wayne, Sheila Holt, The Showtime Dancers, The George Mitchell Singers.
(Dorothy Wayne is appearing in “Young in Heart” at the New Theatre, Oxford)


Presenter/writer: David Nixon
Writer: David Climie
Writer: David Whitaker
Producer: Graeme Muir
Orchestra leader: David McCallum
Orchestra directed by: Eric Robinson
Dance direction: Alfred Rodrigues
Settings: Lionel Radford
Comedian: Dick Bentley
Singer: Trude Adams
Singers: The Laurie Sisters
Performers: The Toneleys
Singer: Dorothy Wayne
Dancer: Sheila Holt
Dancers: The Showtime Dancers
Singers: The George Mitchell Singers